Shamanic Healer Training

At Susan's Place, Afton, VA

In this course, we will be covering how to take your clients into guided journeys and meditations.  This course combines hypnotherapy techniques with shamanic trance healing work.  I call this combined style, “Shamanic Hypnotherapy.”   We will cover how to use your voice and the drum to take your clients into a trance state so that they can journey to Past Lives, Rescue the Inner Child, Connect to Spirit Guides, and more.  You’ll also learn how to help people find their Power Animal and how to lead people in Shamanic Meditation and Shamanic Journeys.  We’ll be going deeply into working the drum, the amazing shamanic tool that connects us to the heartbeat of the Earth Mother.  This work helps you and your clients to learn to become more self-reliant and lead them to connecting to the Spirit within. "The Circle of LIfe" class is a pre-requisite. For more information: Four 3 day weekends starting in January. $1495.