A Safe Place to Land - A Series for Emotional and Spiritual Support

This class is completed, but I hope to have another class this year, 2024.  Please get on the mailing list to be notified!

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Come and join me for a new series called,  "A Safe Place to Land - A Series for Emotional and Spiritual Support .”  This class will be designed to help support you in the stressful and challenging times we are  living in and  will be a safe and gentle space for you to find refuge in. 



It seems all of us face more stress than ever these days.  This class is for you if you experience any of these: 

  • Feel stressed or anxious 
  • Can be overwhelmed by life's tasks 
  • Feel like you're running on adrenaline often and/or feel exhausted 
  • Are suffering with a chronic illness, chronic pain or any kind of chronic challenge 
  • Have repeating negative thoughts 
  • Have a hard time really relaxing 
  • Have trouble falling asleep due to racing thoughts and worries 
  • Are looking for deeper faith and trust 
  • Feel like you have little or no time or space to find inner peace 
  • Deal with PTSD 



In each class, there will be: 

  • A discussion on the topics above 
  • Space for personalized support
  •  A gentle, relaxing experience including Guided Meditations and other uplifting techniques for bringing calm, healing and helping you to connect to your inner Spirit
  •  All of these coping skills can easily be used in your own practice at home 
  • Classes will all be recorded so you can re-experience the meditations and guided techniques 

 I will be drawing on my 30 years of experience as a shamanic teacher and healer where I have guided many people into meditations and journeys such as Grounding to the Earth Mother, finding Your Power Animal and how to Transform Negative Emotions.   We will be discussing the power of prayer and gratitude.   I will also be adding some of the techniques and meditations from the Medical Medium®, for example Waves on the Ocean and Surrounded by Trees.  All of these have something in common - they are all nature based, loving and support you in a gentle way.  When we connect to nature, even through meditation, we can be filled from within with love and grace.  



The class will meet twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays of the month for four months starting October 3rd.   

The Dates:  

October 3rd and 17th. 
November 7th and 21st. 
December 5th and 19th. 
January 2nd and 16th. 


12pm-1:15pm noon EST 

Price:   Sliding Scale of $250-$440.  I will accept payment plans; you just need to contact me so we can arrange it when you sign up.  I may have space for a few scholarships.   

All classes will be recorded. 

To Sign Up:  Email me at info@healingwithsusanwolf.com 

I know what it is like to suffer with stress, anxiety and PTSD and struggle with my faith and trust.  I have used all of these techniques and meditations myself and have found great peace and inspiration to go forward.  My intention for this group is to provide some time for you to step away from your busy life and step into a compassionate haven of love.  I hope that you can join me! 

Please contact me to sign up and with any questions at info@healingwithsusanwolf.com 
or fill out the form below: