A Sampling of Courses

These are examples of workshops that contain some of the foundations of the teachings from the Black Bear lineage.   I am often asked if there is a specific order for taking classes, and the answer is really no.  I usually offer the Circle of Life class once a year and then offer different courses throughout the year that anyone can join.  The exception is a long-term courselike the Shamanic Healer Training.  I offer classes based on what I am intuitively led to by my inner guidance and also I do take people's input and requests into account.  If you’re looking for the best place to start your study, however, the introductory Circle of Life class is a good choice.

The Circle of Life - Introduction to Shamanism from the Black Bear lineage

If you were only to take this one course, you would have tools that would help you on your path the rest of your life.  These practical techniques and philosophies from the Black Bear lineage help you to face and address life’s problems.  The topics to be covered in this course include:  Black Bear’s morning meditation, meeting your Power Animal, Psychic Protections, Smudging, Setting up Ceremony, the Medicine Wheel as explained by Black Bear, shamanic prayer, clearing your personal energy space as well as your chakras, and more.  
Secrets to Shamanism
Secrets to Shamanism could be considered a "Part Two" to The Circle of Life Introduction class. We will delve more into shamanic philosophy on topics such as being grounded, trust, fear, spontaneity, and commitment to name a few.  There will be new techniques on training oneself to develop focus which is necessary to manifesting anything in your life - whether it is inner peace, work, love or whatever else you are trying to create.  There will be a teaching on learning how to make a better relationship with your ego and we will make a tool called the "Ego Bundle." You will learn how to balance your emotions with a specific technique to help reduce the drama in your life.  You will also learn the "Seven Steps of Commitment" that can help anyone on a spiritual path, plus more philosophies and techniques.  This class will take you deeper into the shamanic experience.

Shamanic Healer Training

This is an intensive three year training where I pass on the shamanic healings I learned from my teachers.  Students are taught how to create a grounded, safe space for the client to heal within through learning how to set up ceremony, how to meditate, how to connect to your power animal for guidance, how to set intentions for healing and much more.  We build a strong foundation step by step for you to become a "Hollow Bone" for the Great Spirit to move through you to bring healing energy to another person.  You will learn how to do shamanic healings such as soul retrieval, cord-cutting, etheric surgery, Black Bear's "brain surgery," hands on energy healing and more.  

Journey to the Self
This is a class designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are and where you came from.  Using techniques like inner child work, past-life regression, shamanic breathwork, meeting the different "aspects" of your psyche, journeying to the "smoking mirror," and more, you can begin to find deep emotional healing.  Self-knowledge is the key to changing negative patterns and helping you to connect to your true spirit.  It can be fascinating to get a perspective on your journey through this life and others.  
Connecting to Your Inner Guidance
Everyone is receiving guidance every moment of the day.  We just have to learn how to be open to it.  We all have a variety of spirit guides from animals to what many people refer to as guardian angels.  We also have an internal guidance system, which can be our intuition or deep messages and feelings from our soul.  We can experience guidance through these feelings, inner knowingness, hearing messages, visual images, receiving signs and more.  In this class, we will be going within to hone our ability to pick up those messages that are being sent to us.  You can begin to tap into the endless support all around you.
Making a Power Shield
To make a power shield is to step in to a very old way.  Creating a power shield helps to bring your gifts and abilities from the spiritual into the physical.  in this weekend workshop, we will journey to the elders of the directions to receive the symbols that represent your gifts.  You will then paint those symbols onto your shield. The shield then becomes a doorway to your power.  The making of this powerful shamanic tool involves all four levels of our beings:  the mental, the physical, emotional and the spiritual.  Bringing these four levels into harmony creates a powerful tool for change.
The Power Stones - A Shamanic Reading Tool
Black Bear said that the power stone reading is a system of divination for people who don't think that they can do readings.  Using 28 small stones, each person will make their own reading tool for identifying spiritual influences, understanding lessons, and solving problems.  The symbology is from Black Bear's lineage.  You will draw or paint the symbols on the stones, and then learn the meaning.  Then we will talk about how to give a five stone reading for yourself or others.  This is a fun and unique tool to have!