Wolfsongs School of Shamanism

Wolfsongs School of Shamanism was founded in 2009 by Susan Wolf after she received a vision and message to  start a school.  The mission of Wolfsongs School is to pass on shamanic teachings from an ancient shamanic lineage.  It is her deepest prayer that these teachings will facilitate people in manifesting the potential of their souls.  

The teachings, techniques and philosophies are all structures, like bridges.  These bridges are designed to lead you to your own experience of the Great Spirit, or the Spirit That Moves Through All Things.  Shamanism, my teacher said, is about experience.  It is my hope that I can be a catalyst to lead others to a deeper experience of living here on the Earth Mother.

Shamanism and Healing

The shamanic philosophy of healing is that the Great Spirit does the healing, not the healer.The healer becomes a "hollow bone" and allows Spirit to move through her or him to be in service to another person.  Using the power animal as a guide there are many different techniques that can be used depending on what is needed. 

Usually the first session is made up of an interview and a channeled reading in order to gather information and get an overall perspective.  Then the following sessions consists of ceremony, talking and some kind of healing or technique that are intuitively guided by the advice of Susan's power animal.  Susan recommends a two session minimum if you're looking for healing with the channeled reading and information gathering first, then at least one healing session.  There are several different price packages offered under the pricing link.  In order to work on a particular issue from different angles, it can be very helpful to do a series of four, seven or more sessions.  You will find more information on some, though not all, of the healing technique options below.

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Below are examples of possible types of sessions you may end up having with Susan.  This is only a sampling and there are many other ways that you may be supported in a healing session.

Soul Retrieval  
Soul Retrieval is a beautiful, ancient technique that can help people to feel more complete and whole.  During traumatic events in our lives, pieces of our vital energy can leave and go to a non-physical reality, where they become lost and stuck.  During a soul retrieval, the healer goes on a journey to retrieve the missing soul pieces for the client.  This can create a deep healing experience.

Channeled Readings
Come and receive loving and insightful guidance on your life problems and issues. Susan channels a group of beings who refer to themselves as "Beings of the Light" who offer advice on relationships,family issues, work and spiritual growth. People often experience them as compassionate, humorous and accepting. Readings can be done in person or on the phone. 

Personalized Guided Meditation
Let me provide you with your own recorded Personalized Guided Meditation that you can listen to at anytime for stress reduction, relaxation, healing from chronic illness and deepening your spiritual practice.    My guided meditations use nature based imagery to help you connect to the beauty and healing power of nature.  First we will talk so I can learn what types of images you like, plus what goals you are looking to achieve in terms of prayers, intentions for healing, etc. for me to use in the meditation.  Then I will record a meditation designed just for you.   

Please contact me at info@healingwithsusanwolf.com for more information and to get started!

Connecting to Your Power Animal and Your Spirit Guide
It is important to develop the connection to your own inner guidance on your spiritual path. Feeling that connection can help you feel that you are not so alone and that you have someone watching over you. Through practice, you can learn to hear or sense messages for guidance on all matters in your life.  Susan has facilitated many people in finding their spirit guides and power animals through guided meditation and journeying. 

Etheric Surgery
This is just one of many powerful healing techniques that Black Bear shared. It is a powerful technique for taking blocks out of the etheric body. These blocks come when powerful negative emotional energy is sent at us - either by ourselves or by another. This negative energy then gets stuck in our energy body and can cause physical and emotional pain. Getting these blocks removed can have powerful healing effects on the body and the psyche. 

This is another powerful technique from Black Bear. You may have felt in your life that some people “suck” your energy or also dump negative energy onto you. This can be the result of negative cords that you have with that person. We will identify, and then cut and release negative cords that can be draining your energy. Then we will talk about how to energetically protect yourself in the future. 

Past-Life Regression
Each of us is an eternal soul who has journeyed through many different experiences.  During a past-life regression, you will be guided into a trance-state to an inner world where you can access memories from other times and places.  Your higher self chooses which lifetime is important for you to see according to what lessons you are learning.  Remembering your past lives can help you to feel the continuity of your own soul and realize that there truly is no death, only a change in form.  This can be a fascinating tool for self-understanding.  

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