Women's Teachings

 In the lineage I trained in, it was the responsibility of each shaman, whether man or woman, to carry the teachings for both men and women, and of course, many teachings for everyone.   I was blessed to receive many empowering teachings, ceremonies and rituals for women that I love sharing.  

My intention for these classes is to address the issues that we all go through as women - how to empower our dreams and live our missions, how to be in healthy relationships with partners, children, parents, co-workers, etc., setting good boundaries, making time and space for ourselves in our busy lives, developing our spiritual awareness and more.  We then take ancient shamanic rituals, journeys, philosophies that women before us used to get in alignment and apply them to our modern lives.  We all go through the same issues and conflicts and by coming together with a spiritual foundation, we can find healing and answers together.  Black Bear said that the shields of women are weak at this time and that the sun is hitting the Earth too strongly.  It is time for us to truly embody feminine energy to strengthen our shields to bring balance back to the planet.  We can do this by filling our wombs with love, light and power!  Here are a few examples of women's classes.

The Seven Goddesses 
“Goddesses and Gods are a form in which power can be contained and seen, studied, honored and integrated as an aspect of your conscious mind.  They are a mirror for the ultimate relationship between you and the great mystery. Goddesses and gods are another part of aspect of your ever evolving spirit, reflecting your ultimate spiritual potential."  Black Bear

In this class you will meet the Seven Goddesses of the Black Bear lineage.  A few of the goddesses are the Earth Mother, the mother of us all, the Corn Mother, the goddess who helps us to manifest and create, White Buffalo Woman, who teaches us how to live a spiritual life, Grandmother Bear, the guardian of the void within the womb, and more.  Each goddess represents a different aspect of feminine energy that exists within all women.  We will go on a journey (a guided meditation with the drum) to meet each goddess.  The finale of the class will be that we will make a “goddess bundle,” a shamanic tool to help you connect with the goddesses.   

The Sacred Spiral

The sacred spiral consists of twenty-two stones in the symbol of a spiral.  Starting from the inside going outwards, each stone has teachings and lessons for women from all walks of life.  We will go through each stone to understand its message for us and experience the teachings through shamanic techniques.  The grand finale is a walk through a spiral laid out on the ground to connect to the energy of this ancient symbol.

The Seven Societal Imprints

The Seven Societal Imprints are seven negative roles that have been placed upon women by society over the last several thousand years.  The roles correspond to the seven chakras, and restrict the expression of our true selves. You will learn about each of the imprints and then go through a shamanic technique or experience to break and release the negative patterns.  The experiences include journeys, a breathing technique called "Birthing Woman," communicating with a tree, and more. 

The Feminine Directions

The Four Directions are very important in shamanism.  They are energetic archetypes that each hold qualities and teachings to help guide us on this Earthly walk.  In this course we explore the feminine aspects of each direction.  This helps us as women to see that the feminine energy within us is multi-layered, complex and deep.  The Four Aspects are first the Golden Eagle in the East, who helps us to birth our visions into reality.  Sister Deer in the South helps us to re-connect to our innocence and faith.  Grandmother Bear in the West teaches us of the power of the womb and the dreaming body.  Swan Woman in the North is the embodiment of wisdom and can help us find the next step on our paths.  Through ritual and ceremony, we open to each of these powerful energies and bring them into our lives.

The Gourd Mothers

The Four Gourd Mothers are Vision Mother, Rainbow Mother, Crazy Mother and Wisdom Mother.  The Gourd Mothers are female guardians represented by the gourd, which is a vessel and considered female as it is a representation of the womb.  The Gourd Mothers are sacred female energies, each connected to a direction and holding a specific teaching and lesson.  In order to work with them, you journey to meet each one to ask for messages and symbols.  The symbols are then painted onto a physical gourd, which becomes a tool.  You can then use these gourds to connect to the energy of each gourd mother and to receive guidance and support.  They teach us the natural laws underlying creating and manifesting your dreams.  This is a fun teaching because you get to make a sacred shamanic tool that you can take home with you to put on your altar and work with time and time again.